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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery – the ability for your organisation to recover from a disaster. Every situation is different, Disaster Recovery plans can be incredibly complex with multiple layers of options depending on the type of disaster encountered. Types of disaster can range from failure of a device (server, network switch etc) to theft, to fire etc. and everything in between. For a full Disaster Recovery plan to be put in place all eventualities must be considered.

Our recommendation for all clients is that they address both High availability & Disaster Recovery as this can address a number of potential disasters e.g. individual device failure.

A good starting point is identifying which services and systems are most critical to your organisation. Once this is established thinking about an acceptable RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for these systems.

We can work with your RTO to create a plan which would be suitable.

We recognise that every organiation is different with Disaster Recovery a one size fits all approach is not really appropriate. That being said, we have several different solutions which are in use in a number of a clients which have been developed to fit a wide variety of scenarios & budgets, for anything more specific we can produce a bespoke plan and solution which will fit your business.

For smaller organisations or older networks which have not been designed with High Availability & Disaster Recovery in mind we often find that it is more cost effective to migrate the network to our Cloud which has been designed with these requirements from day 1.

A major concern in a Disaster Recovery situation is “where will your users work?” We have relationships with various different providers of office space and may be able to put a solution in place for you. This type of arrangement needs to be made in advance, we would work with you and the 3rd party to ensure the solution is suitable for your Disaster Recovery needs.

Creation of Disaster Recovery solutions for your voice and data systems is something which ICT UK have a great deal of expertise in and is one of our areas of specialism.

we would be very happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and to help you get the right solution in place for your business. Call 0845 094 8895 or email info@ictuk.net.


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