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Whether you like it or not, Telecoms systems are moving across to VOIP (Voice Over IP) platforms.  Traditional Digital & Analogue phone system are old technology which is no longer being developed.  In fact the majority of new digital phone systems will actually use a VOIP back end!

ICT UK embraced the move over to full VOIP telecom solutions and have a great deal of expertise in installing and maintaining highly sophisticated solutions for a wide variety of organisations.

There are so many advantages of a VOIP system & in particular a cloud based solution as not only can they reduce your overheads but can provide a remote working solution & Disaster Recovery.

We have both on-premises & Hosted 3CX systems which we host in our cloud.  Whichever solution you choose we want to ensure that your system works as well as possible and for this we will assess your internet connection, firewalls & switches to ensure they are all capable of handling the voice traffic which will be run across them.

Getting the networking side of the VOIP solution is critical for voice quality and is often the area that a traditional telecoms engineer will overlook due to a lack of understanding of IP systems.

Please contact us on 0845 094 8895 or email info@ictuk.net to discuss your requirements.

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