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Call centres rely heavily on technology to deliver service but this can only happen if the people using it have confidence that it works and if there is a problem it is fixed efficiently, this produces simple mathematics

People + Technology = Customer Service

Rapid deployment and devopment to accomodate new cloud based SaaS applications has improved the ability of call cnetres to respond to cusomer needs,KNL have provisioned system and communication links to accomodate these requirements.

New PC Everyday

Constant use of the same PC leads to performance and even security issues which creates an overhead for the IT Administrator, imagine each agent having a freshly built PC every day, this is avaible by using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). KNL have deployed these systems in call centres reducing setup time and recovery. Working with cloud based diallers and campaign systems this model help minimise disruption and ensure consistency for the agent to operate.

Call Recording

Whether a legislative, procedure, training or speech analytics requirement, call recording can provide one of the biggest requirements for storage but it must also meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. KNL can size, provide and manage the system allowing you to manage the quality assurance!

Service Call Centres

Service call centres, by their nature, take inbound calls, often agents are not all based in one geographical location. This diversity of location requires a flexible as well as a scalable solution for data and telecoms accessby agents, KNL can provide such solution with cloud based services for telephony and data centre. Agents can access by dedicated or BYOD (Bring YOur Own Device), allowing quick deployment and ramp up of resource during peak times.

Outbound Call Centres

KNL have helped introduce new and upgraded dialler systems, whether Preview, Progressive or Predictive dialler we have provided the infrastructure and communications to enable small and medium call centres to carry out campaigns


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